Send mass payments

Solving global marketplace and B2C payouts at scale.

Leverage a leading global banking network with the APIs of a Fintech
Tap into revenue opportunities

Providing global payments capabilities to your customers not only helps you retain and attract customers, it can also create revenue opportunities.

Integrate with ease

Consume our API or just activate our portal so you can quickly leverage Convera’s network.

Work across the entire payables value chain

Accounts payable, invoice management, payroll, treasury and cash management platforms can leverage Convera for global payments direct to or on behalf of their customers.

Handle complex demands

A powerful RESTful API that is capable of managing large irregular values in global batches or intermittent one-off demands.

Connect to a trusted global network

Get access to a global network of over 60 bank partners and more than 500 bank accounts, helping you send your payments to the masses in over 200 countries and territories in more than 140 currencies.

Reduce costs

Leverage our industry-leading network of bank accounts and payment capabilities to avoid high wire costs and intermediary lifting fees.

Navigate your compliance obligations

With our compliance capabilities in your local jurisdictions we provide you the confidence you need to extend mass payment offerings while helping manage the complexity.

At a glance
Countries and territories served
Global banking partners
Bank accounts internationally
The speed of delivery is a great benefit when payments are required on or close to a scheduled pay day.
Tom Beard
Head of Global Payments, FMP Global

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