Simplifying international payments for non-governmental organisations.

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Advance your NGO’s mission with smarter payments.
Trusted global network

Make payments in over 200 countries and territories with more than 140+ currencies with Convera’s Platform. A network that makes compliance and security a priority. Available in 10 languages including Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.

Extended reach into emerging markets and segments

In addition to Convera’s platform we leverage WU® Agent Network to reach 300,000 locations that serve the unbanked/underbanked in remote places.

Reliable mass payments technology

Whether sending to remote regions with limited connectivity or cities in all corners of the globe, Convera helps you move funds in any amounts to many beneficiaries quickly and easily.

Manage costs

Lock in exchange rates to reduce the risk of wasted donations due to rate fluctuation and excessive transfer fees.

Support mobile and e-wallet payments

Sometimes mobile is the fastest, easiest way to get money where it needs to be. Available in 10+ countries.

Get started fast

No software installation and no complex integration process means you can easily start taking advantage of global currency transfer services.

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