Introducing Convera

Our purpose is to make moving money so easy that any company in the world can grow with confidence.

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Our name represents our ambition to be a leader in the global conversation about currency conversion by safely and reliably accelerating the convergence of technology, people and commerce worldwide.
Patrick Gauthier
Convera, PDG
About Us
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Meet our leaders

Patrick Gauthier, Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Gauthier

Chief Executive Officer

Michel Foricher, Head of Operations

Michel Foricher

Head of Operations

Jodi Krause, Chief People Officer

Jodi Krause

Chief People Officer

Andrew Summerill, Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Summerill

Chief Financial Officer

Dharmesh Syal, Chief Technology Officer

Dharmesh Syal

Chief Technology Officer

Tristan van der Vijver, Chief Risk and Chief Compliance Officer

Tristan van der Vijver

Chief Risk and Chief Compliance Officer

Jody Visser, Chief Transformation Officer

Jody Visser

Chief Transformation Officer

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