Lock in profits and manage FX risk for your travel, tour or vacation business.

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Solve the payment complexities of the travel business.
Transfer across borders with ease

Make payments in 140+ currencies, in over 200 countries and territories through our established global banking network.

FX risk management

Work with some of the smartest minds in global currency to help guide your business through the complexities of FX markets turning risk into opportunity. Leverage risk management tools to protect against significant foreign currency fluctuation.

Send emergency cash overseas quickly

Rest assured that you can get local currency sent to your staff on the ground overseas quickly and easily in the event of any unexpected circumstances.

Get started fast

No software installation and no complex integration process means you can easily start taking advantage of global currency transfer services quickly.

Reduce costs

Convera can help you protect your profits by locking in rates, eliminating double entry, and reducing bank fees.

Stay organized and compliant

Comprehensive reporting capabilities and customized reports help you comply with your firms’ controls and mean you’re ready for an audit at any moment.

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